CK scandal

A TV ad campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans, the brand's second since the '80s when Brooke Shields famously uttered: "Nothing gets between me and my Calvins", was banned from being aired in the US due to its steamy content. The ad portrays models Anna Selezneva, Anna Jagodzinska and Natasha Poly engaging in salacious behaviour with gorgeous dudes whilst partially nude. The most controversial aspects of the ad are the explicit shots of the models' breasts.

The spot will début shortly in Europe, as they do not have giant sticks up their asses à la North America when it comes to nudity and sexuality. I find North Americans' aversion to sexuality strange since we will allow our children to play combat video games where the objective is to mutilate one's opponent as violently as possible, but the idea of viewing a partially nude woman is completely taboo?

The effectiveness of the ad is its ability to start a dialogue and engage an audience. It is already causing uproarious commentary from critics and ultimately the Calvin Klein brand will be on everyone's mind. Sex sells! Do you remember the last time you saw a beer ad showing frumpy old ladies in muumuus frolicking on the beach? No? Didn't think so.

According to French Vogue, the ad will be de-scandalized for its eventual launch stateside. In the meantime, you can take a look at the video here. (Warning: not safe for work).

Photo credit: vogue.fr

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