gold sign

Terence Koh

Metallic gold leather jackets = new trend? I hope so because its hottttt!!!



Zippora on the cover of NO magazine #6 and some photos from the the editorial inside. I really love the styling.



faking it

Jessica Stam shot by Steven Meisel in Vogue Italia July 2003.



Minkpink floral zipper skirt, $78

BDG floral legging, $28

Silence & Noise printed zip bustier, $68

Did I mention I had that exact floral legging in grade 4?? I wore them with an oversize pink tee and jelly sandals. Yes.

All items at Urban Outfitters


dusica dusica

These are so cool. I find satin to be rarely used as a shoe material nowadays but to use it on a platform wedge like this one is really contemporary. I love the asymmetrical vamp.

Black cica satin wedge by dusica dusica at oak, $588.


Photographs by Bruno Dayan

brunodayan via notcouture



Yeah I'm gonna need this nail polish color, stat! What is my deal with things that are blue lately?


chain gang

Nani headpiece, $165

Walk of Shame, $98

Multi chain link Snake Ring, $90

Bullets and chains knee strap, $115

Sorry for the totally lame title! Yeah so...I'm completely enamored with this amazing body jewelry line, Litter. I love how their pieces are so unconventional (knee strap, hello!!!) and so unique (shoe jewelry!) The gorgeous headpieces are totally reminiscient of those that The Childlike Empress wears in The Neverending Story. My fave pieces are above. I am dying over the knee strap...dying!! (Maybe my obsession with thigh-highs and garters is parlaying into an obsession with limb adornment??) Whatevs. Just check out their site and their blog.
UPDATE : I'm actually updating this before I post. Anyway, just discovered Bliss Lau via Refinery29. R29 touts Bliss as "arguably the originator of the (body chain) trend". She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and launched her body jewelry line in 2007. Her pieces are just as innovative as Litter's but with simpler lines. There is more emphasis on body chains, shoe chains and sleeves with little or no embellishment (i.e. some leather, etc). They're also quite a bit more expensive than Litter's with prices ranging from $198 to $685.
I'll just admire from afar (sigh).



I am completely obsessed with thigh-highs and garters right now, so this girl's outfit caught my eye while I was perusing Dropsnap. I don't think I've ever seen cobalt thigh-highs quite like hers before. I love the seaming and the minute lace detailing. The ribbons of the shoe around her ankles give the look a feminine playfulness. LOVE her red lip, too. I really want to try a red lip but I'm afraid I'll look like a hooker circa 1985.


The June '09 cover of Interview is one of the most captivating covers I've seen in a while. Björk looks exquisite in a visually stunning black and white cover shot by Inez and Vinoodh. The colorful artwork is from her upcoming album release, Voltaic, and adds an imaginative element to the photograph. I've always been a fan of Björk's musical aesthetic and admired the fact that she doesn't succomb to musical trends like other artists do. I purchased her sophomore album, Post, when I was in junior high (God that makes me feel old) and loved its dreamlike, frenetic flavor... Björk's sense of style can also be described as such.
I will definitely be buying this magazine.


lost girl

The beautiful Siri Tollerod in Lula magazine S/S '08.




Wow. I don't want to say this cover is hot because it is probably the most obvious pun in the world. Smokin'? No. Seductive? Yes, definitely.


never more

Photos taken backstage at Gareth Pugh's show at Audi Fashion Week in Singapore by Gareth's friend Matthew Stone. Isn't the S&M-esque styling phenomenal?? The mood is almost palpable. You can see the rest of the photos here.


this is how you rock it