chain gang

Nani headpiece, $165

Walk of Shame, $98

Multi chain link Snake Ring, $90

Bullets and chains knee strap, $115

Sorry for the totally lame title! Yeah so...I'm completely enamored with this amazing body jewelry line, Litter. I love how their pieces are so unconventional (knee strap, hello!!!) and so unique (shoe jewelry!) The gorgeous headpieces are totally reminiscient of those that The Childlike Empress wears in The Neverending Story. My fave pieces are above. I am dying over the knee strap...dying!! (Maybe my obsession with thigh-highs and garters is parlaying into an obsession with limb adornment??) Whatevs. Just check out their site and their blog.
UPDATE : I'm actually updating this before I post. Anyway, just discovered Bliss Lau via Refinery29. R29 touts Bliss as "arguably the originator of the (body chain) trend". She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and launched her body jewelry line in 2007. Her pieces are just as innovative as Litter's but with simpler lines. There is more emphasis on body chains, shoe chains and sleeves with little or no embellishment (i.e. some leather, etc). They're also quite a bit more expensive than Litter's with prices ranging from $198 to $685.
I'll just admire from afar (sigh).


glamourgirl said...

i love the headpiece!
chains are such a great way to add an edgy look!
great work on the blog, by the way, i really enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Love these pieces and Bliss Lau. Unfortunately, the chains are out of my budget as well. Digging your blog!

xo, Becs

Caleb Poling said...

wow, i definately have been craving to wear chains lately, and this just made me want to even more!