I am completely obsessed with thigh-highs and garters right now, so this girl's outfit caught my eye while I was perusing Dropsnap. I don't think I've ever seen cobalt thigh-highs quite like hers before. I love the seaming and the minute lace detailing. The ribbons of the shoe around her ankles give the look a feminine playfulness. LOVE her red lip, too. I really want to try a red lip but I'm afraid I'll look like a hooker circa 1985.


Luxi said...

your blog is exquisite, fancy following eachother?

Luv Lux

Wyna Noh said...

wickedly sexy! naughty but nice ;) <3 x

Anonymous said...

if i can do red lips, you can do red lips!
nars has the perfect red lipstick at mills.

- a fellow full lip-ed haligonian

Laura said...

I´m really obsesed with this too, socks, tights... I did a post at my blog about them too. Love the blue one!