Sweet nothings

If you haven't been to Susie's Shortbreads (1589 Dresden Row, Halifax, http://www.susiesshortbreads.com/) in Halifax yet, you don't know what you're missing. Susie's has 60+ flavours of delightfully decadent cupcakes, and shortbread cookies, naturally.

Try the "Old School" (
chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling topped with rich chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream squiggles, the "Key Lime Pie" (vanilla cake topped with lime buttercream a
nd graham cracker crumbs), or my favorite, the "Half Baked" (vanilla cake with a chocolate chip cookie dough centre topped with chocolate buttercream & chocolate chips).

And, since Valentine's Day is around the corner, why not surprise your lovemuffin with these Valentine's Day-themed cupcakes:

Gift boxed Valentine's cupcakes

6 pack, $18
12 pack $35

PS - For those of you not in Halifax, Susie's ships their products nationally across Canada.

Photo credit: susiesshortbreads.com

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