I'm a bit envious of girls like Hanneli who can pull of the garter / thigh-high look and not appear trashy. I would love to try a vint Levi 501 cutoff / garter / thigh-highs combi. Its rather difficult to pull off such a look in super boring Halifax...but I may try it anyway.
I'm waiting (impatiently) for a few Etsy purchases to show up at my doorstep. Will def. post some outfits (haven't done it before due to camera-shyness..trying to get over it.)


What's On The Outside... said...

Loving your blog!

Irene said...

Do it!!! Garters and thigh highs saw me through highschool... this takes me back but actually looks pretty on point, surprisingly. The key is the baggy top...
lmk how it goes!!!