Princess Drape necklace, $23.80

Mod jewel ring, $6.80

Mirrored round bead necklace, $5.80

Leighton rhinestone necklace, $17.80 (*cough Tom Binns knock cough*)

Iris rhinestone brooch, $7.80

Faceted ring, $4.80

All jewelry is from Forever21. I've only recently been looking on F21 for affordable, stylish finds and I've been really impressed with their stuff, especially their jewelry selection. These are just a few of the amazing pieces for insanely low prices.


sandra said...

love this brooch! looks great and it's cheep!want it!

Emz said...

Wow I really need to go jewelry shopping!

Robin said...

I love the mod jeweled ring.
I love F21's jewelry, it fits my incredibly cheap budget.


Char.Lotte said...

everyone's chattering about F21's jewelry these days! and i think your adorable selections have pushed me over the edge... i will most definitely be making a trip out to the valley this weekend to check it out!