Le pop

I took a few photos walking around MoMA (more like hobbling around, my feet were killing me at this point). Evidently I seem to have an affinity towards violently-themed pop art (minus the painting of the man in the mirror by I'm not sure who because it didn't occur to me to write down his name...actually it didn't occur to me to write down the name of any artist. However I do know that the bisected image of Elvis is by Warhol...but I'm sure everybody knew that. ) And I digress (sorry). One of my favorite pieces is the "Guardian Angel Handbag". Its kind of kooky but I could totally envision myself walking around with it, primarily to gauge peoples' reactions. PS- please excuse the poor photo quality as I was using my measly Nikon Coolpix that only has like 1.5 pixels.

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