sweat it out

Why can't I look this amazing in my sweats??? Why?????



♥ Fashion Chalet said...

I know, right?? I love how calm, serene and chic she looks all the while being comfortable! :)

thanks for your comment!


What's On The Outside... said...

Great outfit. I think a lot of people would have a hard time pulling this one off. I'm loving your blog btw. I'm going to add you to my reader list. : )

::: Nathalie

Wyna Noh said...

wow! i nvr knw tht sweat pants can look that chic..i can nvr pull tht look tho~

Jenny H. said...

this really is amazing.
love people who can pull sweats off.
you know they really have "It"

love the bloggg!

grace said...

haha you totally can!! i refuse to believe that you would look less than awesome in anything

Hawa said...

Love your blog!!! i'm starting to pull of things...i think all you honestly need is confidence!!