flora kung

Beyond beyond amazing vintage silk mini dress by Flora Kung at Nasty Gal. The purple, bronze and charcoal grey leopard print is stunning, the cut, the exaggerated shoulder.... EFF!!! I am seriously dying over this piece. If it wasn't $188 (ouch!) I would so buy it. Please someone else buy it and then post pictures so I can live vicariously through you!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!!


Damsels said...

incredible print
too bad im not condition to go shoppping
well i am but my wallet isnt
We Were Damsels

Kate. said...

Wow, loving this print.

prguru said...

FYI, this designer, Flora Kung, left fashion and moved to Paris at the end of 80's - (at age 30!) She's now back with her French hubby and kiddies and is designing again YAY!! She still does amazing printed silk jersey dresses, they are hard to come by but can be ordered at www.meStarlet.com, a new online shopping site.
I ordered 2 dresses and they are just amazing, have more compliments than with anything else!