holy roller

I love this entire look, including the assless pantyhose.


Damsels said...

haha yeah they are impratical but dope!
We Were Damsels

Jenny said...

interestingly, its pretty wearable! So long as you are careful to make sure your ass is covered... the belt is pretty kickass!
Blue Monday by Orgy = true love. I used to keep this song on repeat in my room haha

Anthem said...

I'd love to see someone cruising down the street in this get-up haha.


amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

This is too good to be true! Wish I could strut that around

JT said...

Pretty RAD!!!LOVE her tights!
your blog is way cute! Loves it!!! ;)
btw, thanks for the sweet comment of my new cut!
I love it!


StyleBrownie said...

if only we can carry this off on the streets.. hehe


ONiC said...

interesting look. heart it

Kate. said...

I love those boots. And they look wicked with those tights. Perfection. x)

adrienne said...

those boots are so sweet.
it also sort of looks like she is sporting a unibrow...