Drawstring tank dress at American Apparel
Complex Geometries white square hood tank dress at oak
LaRok 'La Fête' dress at shopbop

Voile shirtdress, Only Hearts at shopbop

Rose Cordero in Calvin Klein

Its almost (officially) summer. The time for one's color palettes to "lighten up". I won't be ditching my blacks any time soon but I will be adding a lot more white to my outfits. Summer calls for lighter, airier pieces...one piece in particular is the little white dress, or, LWD. The LBD's counterpart is is becoming a perennial staple in many closets with heavier fabrics for winter and the cooler months but I think its almost necessary to have an easy, breezy, not-a-care-in-the-world LWD for summer. That said, I don't actually have one..but I'm looking! I'm kind of picky.


Leanne said...

I like the American Apparel dress. The Voile Shirtdress is similar to one I saw at Joe Fresh the other day

Maria said...

I love all of the items from complex geometries. So simple but yet so..avant garde kind of.

Anonymous said...

i saw your comment on fashiontoast, mind sharing the exact url of that f21 necklace ? i can't find it !

Ashley said...

Hey Anon-
F21 must be sold out of the necklace b/c I can't find it on the US or the Canadian site. Here's a link to a sort of similar necklace though-

loft in soho said...

The LWD is a basic for summer!
I love the last,


Anonymous said...

thank you, darling !

Higgeldy-Piggeldy said...

i've always thought i look like im ill in white, but now im suddenly craving a tiny white shift dress with princess seaming. add that on the ever growing sewing projects list