Hey guys! Little love note for you..I'm on an outfit-post hiatus at the moment because my photographer (aka my bf) is in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago for work (where, coincidentally, its Fashion Week...but I'm not bitter). I can't wait to post new outfits!! I bought some amazing pieces from Etsy, (which I am beyond obsessed with right now) and I can't wait to share!! Btw, I love love love reading your comments, its like my fave thing to do!! Also I have 2 followers on bloglovin'!!!! So rad!!!! Yeah, I'm a geek.



StyleBrownie said...

hey babes. i love your blog! love your fashion updates! so up to date. i scrolled your previous post and came across one of your outfit post.you have sucha cool dressing sense love it!
looking forward to your bf return so that i can view your etsy buy!!

i was wondering if we could link one another? wld like to keep myself updated with you. let me know yeAH?



Wyna Noh said...

hehe..i love your blog to sweets..its an inspiration n will b looking forward to see u posting ur new outfits ;) btw, i will follow u on bloglovin'! <3 x

boubou said...

bonjour !
first time i come across your blog so im gonna visit it :)
well if you wanna be inspired by one of my collages or just dream come and visit my blog :)
a bientot !
Boubouteatime xx