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This is basically the house I am dreaming about right now. I want that kitchen. I love that special chalkboard paint on the cabinets!! I remember like ten years ago there was a spread in Seventeen magazine featuring a girl's awesome bedroom and she had chalkboard paint on one of her walls for her friends to scrawl messages on. I've been obsessed with it every since.



Style Geek said...

That chalkboard paint idea is so awesome! I didn't know it existed. Whenever I get my apartment, I might also put it on my walls cuz you know people are always going to leave to most outlandish messages. :)


Luxi said...

what a fab idea, oooh the selby sickens me with jelously:)but also inspires me a lot too. I want to do this!


Raji said...

Ahh I needd to live in a house exactly like itt.
Chalkboard paint has to be one of the greatest inventions ever?!

Anonymous said...

I liked the kitchen too, but i loved second picture, especially the red phone! =P

jane st. clair said...

the chalkboards and their labels crack me up! fun pictures!

the little violet dress

chloe said...

aaahhh, this is the problem with renting - you can't REALLY do crazy decorating... sniff! great inspiration pics though :)