lions and lambs

dress, H&M

dress, Brian Lichtenberg

So, is it possible that H&M copied this dress from Brian Lichtenberg's s/s '09 collection?? It looks a lot like it...I'm just saying!



yourstokeep said...

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6roove said...

nice dresses!

Ash Fox said...

yes..and brian's is 1000x better and probably wasn't made in a sweatshop.



nicola ticola said...

HMM...yeah! I actually prefer the H&M one, sweatshops aside!

nicola xx


Everyone loves fashion said...

same here. love H&M dress :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think they all that much alike at all, just because they're both tight black+white patterned dress? The H&M is much more attractive in any case.

Style and beyond said...

ooooh nice!!!


a. said...

i really like H&M.

Silje Elisabeth said...

Nice dresses!

KON said...

Anonymous 1! You only like H&M because of the model & lighting. BL DID IT FIRST AND H&M IS JUST SHIT ANYWAY. YOU ALL KNOW THE BL DRESS IS GREAT & WEARABLE & A AWESOME PIECE. TWATS ARE WHAT H&M IS MADE OFF, that H&M knock off is a joke.