Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"?

Dudes!!! Clueless is coming to Broadway!!! (Like I need another excuse to go to NYC). Fourteen (omg that makes me feel old) years after it came out, this film is still one of my all-time favorites...I know every single line by heart and I'd rather not mention how many times I've seen it.
Clueless DEFINED fashion for tweens and teens in the '90s and it made Azzedine Alaïa a household name ("Oh no, you don't understand, this is an Alaïa!" "An A-what-a?" "Its like, a totally important designer").
Time to bust out that Calvin Klein dress that looks like underwear and the at-least-I-wouldn't-skin-a-collie-to-make-my backpack (its faux!)


Tina said...

I desperately want to go to NYC too!

thatsorad said...

She is like the original blogger, taking pictures of her self before she goes out... LOL

Patricia Ann said...

Oh wow, that will be the cutest and best Broadway ever. I wonder who will be playing Cher? :)

STARR said...

It's so funny to look at the costumes in that movie but it is classic ;)

Nancy Magoo said...

"I hope not sparaticly"

Ahhh I love that movie!


Krystal said...

clueless is a must

-L said...

Omg that makes me sooo HAPPY TO HEAR!!

My all time FAVORITE MOVIE.. you totally quoted some of the best quotes. :)

Rackk and Ruin said...

i will definitely be sitting front row for this one!! seriously the best movie ever!!

Style Geek said...

O__O!!! <3 <3
OMG this is like the ORIGINAL fashion movie - before Devil Wears Parada, before Zoolander, this must be part of every fashionista's DVD list. I know, I have it in VHS too.
But that is like this weeks most awesome news!
And now to break in my purple clogs... :P

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Madison said...

I held such a sense of pride when I got to play Cher in my Freshman drama class cutting. I can't imagine how the chick on Broadway must feel.

Silverstone has been on Broadway. She should re-live her Clueless moments.