OUI/NON// #2


If Johnny Cash came back as a ballerina, this is what he would wear. The lace-up boots add an edge to a tutu that is fashion, not costumey.


Way OTT. She looks clownish. And the guy in the background is totally making fun of her.



thatsorad said...

:) I totaly giggled out loud. this is awesome!

Beth said...

Great post, I totally agree the woman at the top looks stunning while the woman in the bottom photo is trying way too hard!
Beth xx
ps) I have tagged you for a blogger award!

cody said...

the girl or woman on the second pic is really a clown...hehe!
xx cody


YAIYA said...

love the first outfit

Anik L. said...

Haha! The Non one is definitly a Non!


cocorosa said...

I love the first picture:)

Raji said...

That made me lol
The first outfit is awesomee

hayleysherie said...

Why didn't her mother/brother/best friend/doorman tell her how horrible she looks??? Oh poor thing. Her outfit reminds me of Brittany Murphy's character in Clueless when she first gets to school... tacky tacky.