she wore blue velvet

I used to think velvet was vile. It reminded me of a grotesque pink confection my mother made me wear when I was young. Now I'm kind of in love with it, at least in these pieces. The first, Loubs in a gorgeous midnight blue velvet (paired with an acid-wash skinny, natch) and the second is a plush blazer by Topshop which is totally reminiscent of Gucci circa Tom Ford.



Helen said...

I thrifted a blazer exactly like the one here a few years ago... Never in a million years would I have thought I'd see it on a fashion blog, ever. Good thing! I'll have to dig it out again; my leather jacket has made me forget all my other jackets.

carlyjcais said...

So many velvet things are hitting the stores lately it's making me give it a second look. Love those Louboutin's paired with acid wash denim (formery a blech in my book too!)
Thanks for the inspiration!


Natalie said...

gorgeous! i love velvet :)



CC said...

I have been too fond of velvet but the Loubs are gorgeous! :)

Catarina said...

I love the Louboutins! I too used to dislike velvet very much as a child(I had a black velvet hat with a huge black velvet flower on it that my mother insisted I wear).
When I heard velvet was IN again I didn't think too much of it until I saw all the lovely pieces that are being sold.

The Beautiful And Glammed said...

I bought the blazer yesterday and now found it here, amazing blog! x

tina_mbc said...

I completely agree, velvet used in moderation can add such an amazing touch to an outfit!!!! ;)


jane st. clair said...

i think velvet is tackily beautiful.

-h said...

that jacket is beautiful.

ari said...

wow to that blazer! the texture, the deep shade of blue! perfect!