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Hey guys! Still at Disney having some rare
downtime in the room. This is kind of a weenie
post, I'll get back to the more substantial
posts when I get home. I checked out style.com
briefly as they've posted NYFW day 1 collections.
Unfortch I can't really look at them because
the boyfriend's laptop kind of hates me and
refuses to download photos. Its ok, I hate it too.
Love you guys though!!!



Glamour Bbey said...

Great picture!

Catarina said...

Ah, the famous Thierry Mugler motorcycle dress! It's been getting around nowadays, first Beyoncé and now Alice.
I'm not really fon of Alice but the dress does look better on her than on Beyoncé.


tina_mbc said...

Alice wears it well....

Now off to watch the George Michael videoclip...!


mel said...

i like the title!!fashion roadkill..thats what stanford had once said at sex and the city.i think.btw what's the name of that model ??

bryna said...

alice is so hot!