alexa wears iosselliani

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I fell instantly in love with Alexa's skull cameo necklace by Iosselliani as soon as I saw this photo and I was instantly obsessed. I went on a serious mission to find it...which I did..and was subsequently deflated because its 992 effing dollars!!! Me = heartbroken. If you have an extra $992, get it here.



Fashion Monstre said...

i think one of the best parts about the outfit besides how stunning she looks is her skull necklace!

Jacqueline said...

i love the color of that dress!


kpeach said...

that is ridic-but it is fantastic. love that blue too. xx

Anonymous said...

oh my god!! love the dress she is wearing.
alexa chung is amazing!!


Natalie said...

that necklace is soo cute! its so adorable and small :) she looks awesome here



Couture Cookie said...

I spotted the necklace immediately, while I thought her dress was super drab.... cute little pendant. Too bad there is no effing way I could afford it!

Becca Jane said...

992?Really? I love the necklace, but I couldn't justify that, I'd rather buy some louboutins for that amount of money.

fashion westie said...

I don't even have a dollar to donate but I got a pocket full of love for that necklace!

B a la Moda said...

I can´t believe it is that expensive! It doesn´t look like a super piece for me. Even if I had the money I wouldn´t pay that...

B* a la Moda

bryna said...

i never understand how they get away with charging so much!

Anik said...

Wow she looks gorgeous in this picture! This blue looks perfect on her !


Valencia Lia said...

I only noticed the skull necklace ! So so delicate and gorgeous !

Grace said...

Adorable! And she looks great in that color.

Love Grace.

Rina said...

so nice color of the dress! :)

joce said...

i love their line of jewellery..



W29 Showroom said...

I see that you like Iosselliani! That’s cool! (:
Alexa looks so god in their jewelry!
This is a great blog post about the brand!
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have a fantastic day!

xx Linda

Annie said...

man, i love her,
she's so pretty,
and she has such good taste in fashion
and that necklace is quite beautiful!

love annie <3