alexander mcqueen s/s '10

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Exquisitely elaborate detail at Alexander McQueen. Its so fascinating how McQueen is able to fathom such intricate shapes and prints such as the digital reptile-esque versions adorning much of the garments. While I appreciate the innovation in the latter, the bulbous boots with no actual toe were rather off-putting; of which Style.com's Sarah Mower had this to say : "...grotesque shoes that looked like the armored heads of a fantastical breed of antediluvian sea monster." Other breeds of shoe included this which appeared to be the lacquered exoskeleton of an amphibious creature from the Jurassic period. In sum, I applaud McQueen's effort in presenting the most arguably fantastical show of Paris fashion week, but when it comes down to sales, I think the clothes will out-sell the um, shoes.



Jacqueline said...



Caleb Poling said...

When I watched the full show I literally got goosebumps. I love both the clothes and shoes, but you are right they might not sell as well as the clothes.

Beautiful show, love your blog

Xo Caleb Poling

Antonio Barros said...

McQueen is a genius!!!


kiah k. said...

This show was amazing, the shoes were out of this world!

Ash Fox said...

blows me away whenever i see photos of it. the BEST collection this season!



superniko. said...

i mean, the shoes are real high and crazy...heh

myrrh goldframe said...

absolutely love this. <3333


I really have loved this collection¡Alexander is the best¡
Nice post¡
Thanks for your comment in mu blog¡
Kisses from Spain:

Dannie said...

wow, this is like a dream land
one that i never want to wake up from

Mitchell said...

Aight. The bag is really cool! :D

H and EM said...

it's incredible... true genious.

Shannon said...

Beautiful detail shots.
xx. Shannon