Androgyny ([noun] from androgynous [adj.] Being neither distinguishably masculine or feminine, as in dress, appearance or behavior) is becoming a popular element in fashion. With the emergence of menswear for women, neutral palettes and garments like the boyfriend blazer, the sartorial line between women and men is becoming increasingly blurred. I'd love to know what you guys think!

*It was interesting seeing some of your responses to this post. I think most of you thought this person was a girl when in fact, its a guy. He has the perfect androgynous look. His facial features are delicate and although he wears his hair short, the side-swept style could be touted as more feminine than masculine. The clothes he wears blur the lines even further as they're mainly unisex pieces. His name is Damien and you can check out his amazing style on Lookbook.*



Glamour Bbey. said...


Andie said...

i quite love it!


mom & son said...

mo wonder why she's becoming popular.
she pulled off so well this kind of outfit!


Cindy Whitehead said...

she looks great in it. I don't know if I would but I like it on her for sure!

kaia. said...

I absolutely ADORE this style, I have a thing for Androgynous people, for some reason I found myself very attracted to them.

Anonymous said...

i love boy short hair on girls. thankyou for your comment.


Jacqueline said...

I love it and she definitely pulled the look off =)


MIA said...


~kristie~ said...

that blazer is awesome


Sarah K. said...

pretty cool, although I feel like androgyny places more emphasis on skinny people than other styles. Or maybe i'm the only one who thinks that?

but boyfriend blazers are always a good look!

fashion westie said...

Two thumbs up for this kind of look. Here in NZ it's something we've actually championed (and dare I say mastered?)for a while. Zambesi, Nom*D, and World to name a few. I love it!!!

Catarina said...

I just love androgyny and she looks great. I love how the necklace is the only feminine piece she is wearing, it compliments her outfit beautifully.

Anonymous said...

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