I love F21's jewelry selection: I just ordered these four pieces for less than $25
Side note - Just found out that F21 will be opening a store at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth! Sooo excited!


the style crusader said...

oh i like that bracelet at the bottom right! good finds!!

~kristie~ said...

Forever 21 is the best!


Emily said...

I love the items on the right side! The problem with F21 is that there's SO much merchandise in the store that if you go in looking for a specific item, you rarely find it. I've had more luck ordering online!

Miss Head Over Heels said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I've put a link in my blog so that I won't miss this.

Anyway, I love these accessories. :)


Kirsten Leigh Kuehn said...

im so happy i saw this post!

ive always wanted the leather bow bracelet from pixie market --


but now ill just buy the forever 21version!! so much cheaper yay!

{uninhibited fashion}

Isabel said...

Cute ring! Must visit the newly opened F21 store here!


Noelle Chantal said...

wow thanks for sharing this. very nice rings from F21. i should go buy myself oe. the last two rigs are really nice. :)

great picks!

Christina said...

The rings!!! So gorgeous! I also love the last piece.

Ganymede Girl said...

The bow is so cute.

MªAngeles S.T. said...

Be carefully because if you sweet a little bit, your fingers will turn green ;P That's the problem with F21 jewelry

Jacqueline said...

great picks!


Talia said...

ahh used to have the bottom silver ring but it flew off my finger while I was throwing my hands around, explaining something haha..kind of miss it.


xxx Talia

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