grr baby

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Perfection in leopard print.



somedaynewyorker said...

I love a girl who can rock the leopard print.

That reminds me, i think its getting cold enough to finally wear my own leopard print.

katrina said...

Agreed..She's so gorgeous, I wish everyone could pull leopard coat out so well!


Closet Cravings said...

Normally, I'm not a fan of leopard - unless it's on a great pair of shoes. However, Kate looks amazing in this coat. A perfect look from head to toe. =)

Carlotta said...

I've never been really fond on animal prints, but since I saw this look of Kate, I've been thinking about buying one from Zara Kids (clothes there are always cheaper, and as I'm quite small...)

Anonymous said...

love it right down to her cat eye makeup!

x ws x

Fashion Monstre said...

the cat eyes and the jacket!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

my friend loves leopard prints, shes awesome .
and this one she would kill for it!!!
i found this belt at the local vintage store for like 3 bucks
i was really lucky

thank you for your comment sweetie
by the way, killer blog


Daisy said...

So fantastic !!

un petit lapin said...

I'm not a fan of Miss Moss but she can make anything look good!

Jacqueline said...

love the leopard print. so awesome!


Kirsten Leigh Kuehn said...

love the coat !

{uninhibited fashion}

Rina said...

she looks great as always!