JC 4 prez

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Jeffrey Campbell is a geeeeeeenius!! I have serious crushes.
Clinic wedge and Nation bootie by Jeffrey Campbell at Oak



lisa said...

beautiful silver platform wedges. i would totally buy both pairs! thanks for ur comment.


Moselle said...

Wow, he just keeps cranking out amazing copies of shoes...I want all of them!


Caleb Poling said...

I knowwwwwww! The boots he did for guys at Oak were mouth watering.

Tam said...

these are MEGA

tess stam said...

fabulous platforms! so sexy.


Jenny said...

Whoah - those first shoes are beyond amazing!

Catarina said...

The clinic wedge pair are amazing, I love the metallic detail.

Christina said...

I love the second pair (:

Heather said...

Love the top pair!


wreckedstellar said...

Love those JCs! xo, Mel

Jacqueline said...

Are you getting any of these shoes?


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