lace jacket

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Can we please talk about this vint lace jacket Carolina is wearing and how freaking perfect it is?! The strong shoulder, the buttons, um everything? AND she's styled it over a simple white tee and black skinnies which is exactly how I would have done it. Yeah. Why didn't I get to this jacket first? Seriously. Obsessed.


Lau said...

carolina always gets the most amazing vintage buys ever!! great blog xx

Acts Of Play

Glamour Bbey. said...

Great look!

ediot said...

shes got an great sense of style-i too love this outfit. have a great sunday darling

Kristiane said...

That jacket really is a catch.. Oh how I envy her it. It goes perfeckt with her classic face, relaxed hair and her total looks..

Cindy Whitehead said...

This jacket is amazing. Wish I could find one just like it... It looks great on her.

Anonymous said...

lace jacket envy!
it looks perfect with the cross necklace.


Jacqueline said...

It is a great vintage find!


Shopsterium said...



Leah said...

I love the lace jacket and I love her style.

MIA said...

and the cross detail? freaking perfect too.

the strong shoulder contrasts with the lace. masculin vs feminin

great. this jacket is perfection.

confessions of a marc addict. said...

amen. that girl knows what she's doing!

tina_mbc said...

I 'm in love with the way she wears it!!!
If it were me, I 'd probably end up looking like an extra from a movie! Lol!
Seriously, great styling!


rachel said...

wow this jacket it gorgeous.. amazing.

Anonymous said...

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