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Daul Kim

May 31, 1989 - November 19, 2009

She was only 20. So sad.


Posh said...

So sad..

Fashion Monstre said...

it's devastating she is the definition of drop dead gorgeous

B a la Moda said...

What happened to her? I am going to google right now. It is sad...

B* a la Moda

the gorgeous said...

so frustrating.. she was so amazing.

thalialouise said...

what the ? is this for serious im gonna check this out

fashion westie said...

thanks for your comment to let me know the sad news....i really admired her individual beauty, along with so many others.

Valencia Lia said...

Rest in Peace Daul Kim

I was really shocked as I found out only this morning!
Its really a piece of very sad news.

Andie said...

so sad :(
may she rest in peace

ace said...

this is incredibly sad

Anonymous said...

like the photos!
kiss, Lu!

daisychain said...

I really hope she has found peace now <3

Anonymous said...

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