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I became beyond intrigued about Yaffa Café after seeing photos on 10.17 of their leopard print walls. Yes, leopard print walls. I am obsessed with leopard print anything so when I saw those walls I was like, ok, MUST go there! The above snap is just a tiny peek of the restaurant and its incredible décor. Apparently the food's pretty good too, which is always a bonus (I read that their brunch is a staple among East Village dwellers). Next time I'm in NYC (hopefully sooner rather than later), I will definitely be making a stop at Yaffa.


kirstyb said...

loving the decor x

Isabel said...

Oh man, this place looks absolutely amazing! I've been to NYC once, and I'd kill to go back again.

Catarina said...

It looks so cool, the decor is amazing, something that I would definately love to have in my house!

Karin said...

I share your "leopard print-obsession". The decor looks absolutely amazing!

MIA said...

if you love leopard print so much you should visit Lisbon(Portugal), everyone use it(well and bad..), woman, girls and even men, it's pretty cute.

harps said...

damn I need that wallpaper


I went to a cafe in the Ukraine that looked like this...it was entirely accidental, but it worked!

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