i, claudia

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This woman does not age. Something tells me its definitely genetics and not the other thing because that would be way too easy.

Muse #20



Mary Jane said...

LOVE the last picture! i know! this woman just doesnt age!
love your blog! deffenately foolowing! :D


Ruth loves said...

Ah she's so beautiful
The pictures are gorgeous!
I love your blog, it's set out very nicely ^.^
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Starbucks is lovely.... but it cost me like a fiver :'(
I rarely pay a fiver for anything :'(

ediot said...

love her hairdo- very jerry hall.-in that last picture.
have a great day.take care.xx ediot

Keith said...

Hey there. I hope you're having a good weekend. It's been cold and rainy here. Our internet keeps going out so I did want to leave a comment on your blog. Take care. Have a great week. Cheers!

Is This Real Life? said...

such beautiful pictures thanks for posting!

Couture Cookie said...

Timeless beauty! Also, don't forget to credit the amazing makeup artist and retoucher... I'm sure they have lots to do with her ageless look. :)

Elizabeth said...

wow, shes so beautiful! i love the last picture!

Jacqueline said...

she is gorgeous. The last photo is my fav!


Lenine said...

The second is my fav.

the gorgeous said...

impressive! I'm not a big fan of her..but I think these pics are the most awesome I have ever seen of her.

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