la neige

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Paris de blanc vêtu (Paris in the snow). Could there seriously be anything more beautiful than this? You know when you see images of a place and you want to go there so badly you can actually feel it? Yeah that's me right now looking at these photos.



Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous photos!


fadetoblack said...

yeah i know how you feel!!!!
beautiful pictures!!

have a great new years :)++

coy colleen said...

these make me so nostalgic for paris! wish i could see it during the winter!

isabelle said...

awwww shucks i miss livin there....my sister's moving back for a few months in two weeks!!! lucky...

Ariela said...

Ahh i wish i got to see Paris in the snow. I wish I was there. Where I live, it never snows and never will! Lovely pictures!

Friend in Fashion said...

These are sooo beautiful! I can't wait to visit Paris next year :)


Treacle said...

Yay! I found your blog again. They all got lost when I changed my domain, so I've had a time getting them all back together. You're back on the blogroll. :-)

tommiboy said...

wow wow wow!
amazing photos! loving them heaps!


mel said...

these are just absolutely tunning photos and i love the marc jacobs gown;)


The Sound of Lace said...

These shots are gorgeous and I love the colors....ahh wish I was there!

follow me to

Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) said...

now I also want to go to paris in the winter. amazing photograpgie

MIA said...

yeah, paris is beautiful to die for with snow but the freezing is horrible, you have to be full of clothes

rkm. said...

paris sous la neige, c'est incroyable!!!!

Julia said...

I miss Paris. Who doesn't? The whimsical color of these inspires me today.


rebecca said...

stunning. ♥


SogniSorrisi said...

So romantic...except if you have to walk in it!

Dominique said...

I LOVE Paris!

Catarina said...

Gorgeous photos. I love Paris, hopefully i'll be going in February for my birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Paris. I've been dreaming of it for years. I'm finally going in May, so excited.
Gorgeous pictures!

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