ring tree

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My boyfriend's been asking me what I want for Christmas. I'll just show him this photo. Still lusting after the YSL arty ovale ring



rkm. said...

love love love it :)

check out my blog! i got some cool rings i bought myself as a x-mas present :)

greetings from vienna,


Inspiration in Italy said...

aw gorgeous rings...love this photo!! xx

Jacqueline said...

Love the tree AND the rings!


the guilty hyena said...

Gorgeous raw tree x

@ The Guilty Hyena †
@ The Guilty Hyena †

Marla Singer said...

everything is just.. gorgeous!! <3

Anonymous said...

i love love love the lepord one

Friend in Fashion said...

oooh - this is fabulous - love the skull & YSL! :)


LP. said...

i want the leopard or the gold + cerulean! aaahhhhh, dreams!

ps. i LOVE that you've got animotion on here lol ...it's crazy to think penny from dirty dancing went on to sing with them!

thatsorad said...

dig all of them... I want what they are haning on too!

FashionJazz said...

These are gorgeous!!!! : ) xx

Fashion Jump said...

where are the spiked ones from and the long silver one?

Lenine said...

Omg! I need to ask this eather for X-mas

tina_mbc said...

Holy crap! What a selection, this is like my dream ring wishlist!
I want that YSL too, but with the turquoise stone...*Sigh*!


MIA said...

this 'ring tree' is insane! I want all of them!

Anonymous said...

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