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Chloë Sevigny



the gorgeous said...

She's is faboulous, full of character and personality! I love her innovating style.

Anonymous said...

how amazing!


Couture Cookie said...

I love Chloe! I was close to ending up in a catfight with her once over a pair of disco pants at Screaming Mimi's... just kidding, but we were both checking them out very closely. I think they would have looked better on her than me anyway! :D

Jacqueline said...

Wow, very unique look!


Moselle said...

Good for her, see through is hard to pull off. She looks great!


rkm. said...

CHLOE = LOVE. she can pull of everyfuckingthing!

MrJeffery said...

i love this. chloe is so cool. i wish she was in more films!

The Bambina said...

Love her, love that dress.
She's just so cool!


FashionJazz said...

She is my ultimate style icon!! : ) xx

Jessy said...

oh my god, this girl can do no wrong. i love the uniqueness of her wardrobe, she must search high and low to find these stunning pieces.

love your blog, want to trade blog links? (i've added you already, i couldn't help myself).

x Jessy

Charlene said...

Shes too cool!

Every Little Counts said...

you just do not get better than chloe sevigny. seriously.

Anonymous said...

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