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Something to do with your vintage vinyl collection when you're insanely bored. These are amazing. Check out more here.



The Daily Muse said...

This could be the coolest thing i have ever seen.

quelle said...

sheer brilliance!!!

MrJeffery said...

um these are awesome awesome

Jord. said...

Haha Brilliance!

Great photos that you've found here. I'm really tempted to dig out my own vinyls and do this myself now, i think i'm going too.

I'm still keeping my eye on your blog, it's brilliant


Jacqueline said...



monster said...

jejeje just amazing!!


Anonymous said...

haha! amazing!


Mrs. M. said...

love it. me and my friend kyle used to do this kind of thing before we had cars and could leave our houses. we'd take my mom's victoria's secret catalogs and like, put jimi hendrix's head on Naomi's body, cut them out and leave them in cabinets and under pillows. my mom loved that. brings me back!

confessions of a marc addict. said...

wowww! hahah. so clever.

Sarah said...

haha, they're great

Antonio Barros said...

This is so funny!!! :)


Christina said...

Hilarious. (:

Becca Jane said...

these are amazing!

gnarlyd said...

I luhh dat shit! So great.

Raji said...

Ahaa I love it
Thats actually insanely amazing

Anonymous said...

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