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You probably knew it was only a matter of time before American Apparel launched a line of nail polishes. The 18-shade collection includes hues with names like Dynasty and Downtown L.A. (light mauve and blood red, respectively) and reflects the multitude of colors seen in AA's clothes. The bottles (which look like a drug store polish from the '80s, natch) sell for $6 a pop.



fashion_chic said...

interesing^^ I like it:)

Treacle said...

I hadn't heard of this yet, but I'm really not surprised. The colors have that retro-chic look...like most of American Apparel's stuff. :-)

Anonymous said...

ooooh lovely colours! haven't seen this in stores yet

Elizabeth said...

i love the colors! I can't wait to start seeing tem in stores!

Jacqueline said...

Would love to try a color!


ALIOMI said...

Love it. I just bought the Chanel-green/mint one called 'Office' a few days ago. Wearing it now! :)

Love your blog--you're definitely on my daily reads!

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