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Steven Meisel continues his out-of-the-box photography concepts for Vogue Italia. Karlie Kloss takes a spill on January's cover, Meisel's inspiration possibly drawn from the models bailing on the Prada s/s '09 runway.

Side note: I know I've been extremely slack on my outfit posts (I think my last one was in the summer...to view them, click on outfits under LABELS) but I would really love to start doing them on a regular basis. It'll be at least a week or so until I start posting outfits because my photographer (aka boyfriend) is away for work.

Also, on a completely unrelated subject, I've decided on some New Year's resolutions (minus going to the gym). First, I want to start saving for really great pieces instead of just buying every cheap, trendy thing I see. You have no idea how much money I waste on clothes or shoes that don't get worn because its only until after I try them on that I realize its a style or trend that looks ridiculous on me. I died a little inside when I figured out that all the money I'd spend at F21 and Nasty Gal this past year could have bought these gorgeous Alaïa sandals. So, to initiate this new spending policy, I bought a pair of those black Balenciaga cork sandals from ebay which I have been obsessing over for eons. My second resolution coincides with the first: construct a budget so I know where my money is going every month. I wrote down all my expenses and bills and it was a bit of an eye-opener to see it all down on paper. I'm very excited about this because I'm pretty frivolous/careless with my spending and I think having a budget will help.



Jacqueline said...

Always go for quality over quantity! Great resolution. Love the cover too. xoxo


Baro Lucas said...

I love it!
Follow me if you like my blog. Also, I follow you, because you blog is cute!great!

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

love the cover. vogue italia strikes again

Pearlpink and Babyblue said...

Yes I like it too and blue haire is my favourite.

The Bambina said...

Great idea! Money gets away quickly when you don't have a plan, I know full well!

The Bambina

Emily said...

miesel is a genius. us vogue needs someone like him


ilovecoolthings said...

uh that cover is awesome.
and as much as i like buying my prada and pierre hardy heels, i still get a thrill of buying that 14.95 striped top at H&M.
i'm an expensive gypsy.....

Fashion Chalet said...

Can I join you for brunch!? ;)


litlstrawberry said...

Brilliant shots. fun!!

The Sound of Lace said...

I need to stick to a budget!! I think I'll try writing everything down too....hmmm maybe I don't want to see EXACTLY what I spend...



Nice cover¡
Have a nice week-end


Brilliant. I love the humour in his work. And Karlie Kloss. I die

Melmo said...

oh yes I'd like to see some outfits of you!
I also have a spendng list since a few months and it helps me a lot!