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MKA at the Elle Style Awards 2010 in London where they were honored as style icons. Such an amazing honor and definitely 100% deserved. Imagine being 23 and constantly being referred to as any kind of icon. But, being the consummate professionals they are, they've take it all in stride and with grace. And, they look awesome, as per usual. Though I wish Ashley's fur was faux*.

*I usually try not to post photos or looks with fur in them but with the Olsens, its kind of hard to avoid. They really should give faux a whirl, don't you think?



Jacqueline said...

I love her shoes!

Pucci in the Kitchen at www.FashionSnag.com


She looks sensational. I love that sheer underskirt, so beautiful.

simonesays said...

This is one of the greatest possible uses for sheer.
Also, I agree 100%, wishing for them to try faux! Personally, I just feel dirty when I touch real fur... it gives me chills, in the negative sense.

The Style Revolution said...

Ditto...The fur would be better faux... Rockin Shoes though.

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone would stop giving them shit for wearing fur! It's like discriminating against someone for a religion. Just because YOU believe in something (in this case, that it's wrong to kill animals for their pelt) doesn't mean the NEXT person should believe in it! If you don't want to wear fur, then don't. But don't make statements regarding other people's choices. This isn't even necessarily directed towards you, just everyone in the world.

tess stam said...

sexy shoes! amazing outfits as always mka.