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Lately Ashley is more about anti-fashion or anti-trend than with wearing or starting trends (not that I believe she consciously did/does so). She and MK are two of the rarities in the celebrity world (a moniker I don't like to use to describe either of the Olsens because a) they seem to dislike it and b) they don't dress, behave or act like typical celebrities) who don't use a stylist and dress only for themselves, regardless of the situation, the place or the people in it. I think this is amazing. What do you guys think?



mosha said...

she looks like she's so not in the mood !

Agustina said...

I like the olsen twins!


WHAT is going on with MK's outfit here?

To me, this looks likeIt looks like she came straight to that party from someone else's bed, and thought "EEK, I can't wear last night's miniskirt and heels or I'll look like a dirty stopout!"
And the guy said, "Er, well you can't have my jeans cos they're like, my only pair ... how 'bout this tartan sarong that I use to mop up tea stains?" (and worse, by the looks of things.)


Natalie said...

I think that she looks great- everything that she's wearing are great pieces separately: hardly anyone would think to put them together into an ensemble and that is why the olsen twins are so special. They do what other people wouldn't dare or think to do. They're special characters and even if something doesn't work, it works for them. I also want a scarf like that, but that is totally on trend so I've been holding off.. I might give in.

ari said...

i totally agree, they always stand out with out trying to, and that is because of their effortless style, unique eye, and aesthetic for picking up a trend before it starts.

i love your posts style ;)


FASH ON said...

I never hate. ash and mary-kate are great.



Mcmaris said...

I'm confused by her choices lately, but i cant take my eyes off of shots of her and MK's outfits. I for some reason love it as much as i cant figure it out....