not your grandmother's jewels

Urban Outfitters has added these amazing pieces to their site. I only really seem to obsess over things I can't afford, and this jewelry is no exception. See more in UO's new Jewelry Studio



Liv said...

Hello, green ring! Will you marry me?


ABIGAIL NY said...

love the jewellry...they are all so lovely...can't decide which one I would love more!!


ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...

WOW these rings are amazing you're killing me!

Raji said...

So beautiful
I've fallen in love with almost every piece here, gaaaawd

ari said...

totally agree, they are amazing! saw them in the catalog, but then realized I can't afford them :(

Fashion Monstre said...

i saw this the other day and started freakin' out! they are all so gorgeous, i need to at least save up for one of these rings