mka by hedi slimane

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Hedi takes the most amazing photos, this is gorgeous.

So its Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?



Karoline said...

No, I'm not! I usually have great friday the 13th. Lovely picture, love Hedi.

Juliet said...

No I'm not!
haha in Spain is Tuesday 13th but I'm in London now...so maybe...hahaha
Love the picture!
xxx darling!

christina-b said...

Yeahh coz 3 years ago on Friday 13th, bad things kept happening to me! lol
And they are the most stylish twins ever!


Mcmaris said...

Semi superstitious, but I like this day!!!
They look so fab. Heidi makes magic...Not thats its hard to w/MKA!

Anonymous said...

love them!

Anonymous said...

Hmm a little bit :)

Jessica said...