alberta ferretti spring 2011

So, first thing's first: the feminine, wispy, casual garden party-esque floral chiffon gowns are sooo beautiful! Yes? Yes. There is definitely also a hippie vibe happening with crochet, lace and wide-brimmed straw hats. Even a few pieces that could appear out of place in such a romance-infused collection (linen bermuda shorts, a suit in the same material and a beautiful cream-hued trench) have a slightly mussed, worn-in look that works.


Hannah said...

gorgeous! love the colours textures everything!

i love the pairing of the chunky jumpers and floaty skirts, very cute



Maria said...

i looooooooove that show , its perfect

Catarina said...

Beautiful show, I love how everything flows and the textures are lush.

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