milan fashion week

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Géraldine Saglio and Emmanuelle Alt walking in Milan and Abbey Lee after a show.



fashion clocked said...

hey beauty- always love your posts I have these images saved too- abbey lee is phenomenal and the leather pants and Isabel marant look is just awesome!Katie.xxx
fashion clocked

Laura Harris said...

The leather pants/the boots/the skirt/the see through+sequins blazer+abbey lee are just beyond amazing. LUST this post! xxx


ediot said...

ah- i totally want a pair of pleather pants after seeing that first shot- gonna look for it next week.
hope you're having a wonderful weekend


Raji said...

Ahh that skirt is so fantastically dramatic!
Love the leather pants,

ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...

abbey lee is just...out of this world! I love her outfit!

Caroline in the City said...

That first photo is a shining example of how high and low waist lines can simultaneously work in the same decade. Love it!




ABBEY'S SKIRT! Oh my days. It's so great to see a model taking a really innovative interest in fashion. They have the access, after all!

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