calvin klein resort 2013

'"Architectural' has always been a word that's thrown around where Francisco Costa is concerned. Maybe it was inevitable that he'd one day come around to architecture as his theme. For Resort, the designer explained after his show, he'd been thinking of California modernism. (LACMA recently mounted a show tracing its development from Bauhaus to the Eameses.) The potential pitfall of such an approach is that home design—particularly of the modernist stripe—doesn't exactly exude sex appeal. But Costa teased the sensuality out of blocky shapes, longer lengths, and cool expanses of color by mixing hard and soft, solid and sheer. 'A lot of the textures came from the Eames' house,' Costa said. 'I found it fascinating, because the exterior is this complete box, but you walk in and it's so personal, it's so lovely. That's what American modernism is about.'" - Matthew Schneier


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Hannah said...

gorgeous outfits, i love the nice clean lines