céline s/s 2013: the details

This collection calls for an appreciation of the details. Ridiculous, furry pumps aside, (seriously, Phoebs?) the craftmanship of the garments is beautiful. I love an unfinished hem so I'm still swooning over the raw, fraying edges of skirts, jackets and tops. The oversize trousers, some with a dropped crotch, were elegant in a louche sort of way. In fact the entire collection had that elegant-yet-louche vibe somewhat reminiscent of the '90s. The footwear, predominantly a luxe Birkenstock-esque sandal (lined with fur, a detail I will forever bemoan) gave the proverbial middle finger to the high heel, and felt fresh. Accessories were minimal, save for knotted leather bracelets and clutches recalling brown paper bags.


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