keep it faux

I love animals. Animals are loyal, beautiful sentient beings and they should be treated as such. I try very hard to eat a plant-based diet; I like to say on my best days I'm vegan and on my worst I'm vegetarian. I try to choose faux leather, or polyurethane, over real leather, I also try my best to use beauty products that aren't tested on animals. I admit that I'm not perfect, but I am extremely mindful of my choices. One thing I will not compromise on, is fur. I absolutely abhor fur and you will never, ever see me wearing it.

Stella McCartney uses no leather, no fur, and still designs insanely chic clothes and accessories that are always in high demand. Karl Lagerfeld once used faux fur for an entire Chanel collection.    

The use of fur is 100% unnecessary, considering that faux fur is readily available, more affordable and, most importantly, HUMANE. You often can't even tell the difference between it and the real thing. The above coats are only a tiny sampling of what's out there. 

 If you do have a dog, a cat, whatever... think about them the next time you reach for your fur which was once an adorable, innocent, living creature, like your beloved pet. 

Fur only looks good on animals. Period.

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