vamos a la playa

I'm currently writing this post in the middle of a snowstorm. Its almost April and there's a snowstorm. Words cannot express how sick I am of winter. If you're like me and don't live in summerland (i.e. California or Hawaii), I suppose there are ways for us to channel the amazingness of being on a beautiful, warm beach. The above four things may help:

Spritz some Beach by Bobbi Brown (on your skin and/or around your apartment). This eau de parfum smells like saltwater, sand and sun. It is literally the beach in a bottle.

Slip on a bikini, like the Melissa Obadash Sao Paulo bikini (above), and watch a young and yummy Leo in The Beach cavort around shirtless on the gorgeous beaches of the Phi Phi Islands (Koh Phi Phi), Thailand. I might actually watch this today to try and forget about snowmageddon happening outside.

And lastly, a chic beach bag by Michael Michael Kors that can easily double as a city bag.

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