Save Anna?

The rumour mill has currently died down to a barely-audible whisper about whether Carine Roitfeld, current editrix of Paris Vogue will replace Miz Anna Wintour at the helm of Vogue US. Unimpressive sales of the magazine and a somewhat vanilla content have prompted questions as to whether Anna deserves to remain.

I have to agree with the critics (The New York Times, among others) who think US Vogue has become a tad predictable and mundane. Anna has been exhausting her repertoire of actress-cover girls for the past few years. However, the original supermodels (Linda, Claudia, Cindy, Helena) have been enjoying somewhat of a second-coming and rightfully so, their unique beauty has defied the years and they're still as chameleonic as ever. Carine featured Naomi and Kate on the cover of French Vogue this September (looking fabulous, I might add)...but I digress.

Perhaps Anna's new movie, The September Issue, an insider's look at the making of Vogue's huge fall fashion bible (by R.J. Cutler). will shed some light on the methods to her madness and just how hard-working and influential the Grande Dame of fashion is.

Photo credit: chrissauve.com

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