Garance and Scott

Spent some of the morning of my day off (Happy Victoria Day!) surfing to my usual daily fashion reads and surfed my way over to Garance Doré's blog (who I ♥) and she is evidently superexcited about having her and Scott sketched by a blogger called The Unknown Hipster, (aka Jean-Philippe Delhomme) who, before today I'd never heard of but I'm glad Garance wrote about him because he does some really great sketches (i.e. above).
Note: I apologize for the ginormous run-on sentence..usually I'm a little bit more careful with my grammar..heehee.



Rosanna said...

wow! this is amazing! i wish i were that talented


CAMILLE said...

great post...im going going to take a look at the site now :)

camille x