In Cannes

There seems to be a lot...no, scratch that, some..well, just a little bit of commotion surrounding the outfit Charlotte Gainsbourg donned to the Antichrist photocall in Cannes: leather jacket, slouchy tee, faded black denim, and brown cowboy boots. At first glance, it looks like Ms. Gainsbourg could be heading to a dude ranch. No, she's only at one of the most glamourous star-studded affairs in the enchanting south of France. Personally, I like the outfit. Its unequivocal Parisienne it-girl style...that "I-just-fell-out-of-bed-and-threw-this-on-to-grab-a-baguette-but-I-still-look-fabulous" look. But is it suitable for Cannes? No, I don't really think so. Any event at the Cannes film festival warrants a pantsuit at the very least. But, who am I to judge? You tell me. PS - I don't know where the "Cannes Do, Cannes Don't" shit came from...I'm kind of a geek.


kirstyb said...

I love that outfit xoxoxo

cocorosa said...

haha :) I like it :)

GinaR said...

Im not a fan. I thought it was a dressy occasion to be at cannes!


-h said...

i like the outfit, but it's too casual for cannes! cannes is a time to be glamorous!