I love blogging about fashion. I consider my blog my outlet in which to talk about something that I am extremely passionate about. I admit that sometimes it is easy for me to forget that there are real issues in the world, but I read something yesterday that kind of brought me back to earth.
Mary of Hail Mary wrote about the genocide in Darfur in a post entitled "Make Darfur a Topic". Mary encourages those who use Twitter as a social medium to engage in a little social activism by tweeting about Darfur daily, using any of the 85 facts she has already written on the subject. Doing this will hopefully raise more awareness on the internet of the shocking crimes going on in Darfur. Definitely check out the post, or go to Stand Canada, the leading organization in Canada for youth led anti-genocide advocacy and activism.
Since I'm on the subject of raising awareness, I'm also posting the links to a few sites on an issue that is extremely important to me, animal rights:
As always, thanks for reading!


jane st. clair said...

that's a really brilliant idea. i don't use twitter, but i will use them to update my FB status. i think grassroots efforts like this are exactly what we need.
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g. said...

I think this is a great idea! It is very easy to get caught up in our own interests, our own lives and to easily forget that there truly are more important things going on in our world. bravo for injecting this in your fashion blog, you've inspired me to do the same!