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I really need to start looking at prices before becoming obsessed with a piece. Case in point- this stunning vintage silk Givenchy Nouvelle Boutique gown. I'm perusing the new dresses on Nasty Gal when I come across this dress. Love at first sight then I see the price...$1200. The azure blue, the swirly silver print and the gold bead and rhinestone trim at the plunging neckline... I die. Whoever runs away with this beauty is a very lucky girl.


loft in soho said...

AMAZING Givenchy dress!!!


carlyjcais said...

Gorgeous dress - it looks like it would be really simple to make, if you can sew! As long as you find a similar fabric - a silver polka dot on sheer blue...the dress is essentially simple, with elastic at waist and cuffs, and you can find similar gold trim at the fabric store. Even an okay seamstress would probably be able to make one of these, no problem! (That is, if you want your own.) If you want Givenchy, then there's no substitute!:-)


Style Geek said...

Gorgeous! And that blue is so flattering. But that's how much I make in a month!

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thatsorad said...

That is so HOT? On the hanger you wouldn't think it. Cool Jelwery too!

Wendy said...

You might be able to find something similar at vintage shops.

Somewhere Here said...

Oh I spotted this too! It is quite a dress...

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The Clothes Horse said...

That price is ridiculous! I mean, the dress is great...but who can blow that kind of money on a dress?

Anonymous said...

It's nice but not for $1200 would I spend that much on that dress. Sorry.

Ash Fox said...

this is stunning. you could find something similar in vintage..but i doubt it would be as sheer and lovely as this one.



tina_mbc said...

Wow! Love the vintage feel to it!
Goes fantastic with those "tough" shoes...! ;)